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Vandan Education is the best resource for BSEB Class 9th study guides, notes and solutions. We know how important it is to provide a full set of materials for students’ studies. We can guarantee you that all the topics and subjects included in the BSEB syllabus for Class 9 will have good study materials on our website.

At Ghitorni, New Delhi is located Vandan Education which plans to prepare schoolchildren for their academic tests as well as competitive exams and challenges of the future. We must create a solid foundation by creating concepts and cultivating young minds.

Key Features of Vandan Education:

Comprehensive Curriculum: From classes VI to XII, we follow the syllabi of BSEB State Board. Moreover, we offer coaching for CUET

Experienced Faculty: We bring together highly-qualified teachers with vast experience in teaching methods. They understand the subtleties of many subjects, and provide practical experience.

Individual Attention: Such personalized attention goes a long way in helping each student to grow. We organize backup classes and doubt-clearing sessions for all students who are unable to complete the preliminary exams perfectly.

Results-Driven Approach: Having such a record of success, we are naturally the first choice for tuition classes in Ghitorni, New Delhi.

Overt at Vandan Education, we believe in offering the student a balanced education which develops them in all aspects. Care to join us on a journey of distinction?

In Ghitorni, New Delhi, Vandan Education PCM provides the same complete curriculum and qualified faculty to provide quality education for children in the area.

syllabus for 9th grade coaching at Vandan Education:

  • 📖 Class IX: Urdu (اردو)
  • 📖 Class IX: Sanskrit (पीयूषम्)
  • 📖 Class IX: Political Science/Civics (लोकतांत्रिक राजनीति)
  • 📖 Class IX: Economics (अर्थशास्त्र)
  • 📖 Class IX: Maths (गणित)
  • 📖 Class IX: English (Panorama)
  • 📖 Class IX: Science (विज्ञान)
  • 📖 Class IX: Geography (भारत : भूमि एवं लोग)
  • 📖 Class IX: Hindi (गोधूली)
  • 📖 Class IX: History (इतिहास की दुनिया)

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